Bad Exercise? Shoulder External Rotation Standing vs Sidelying

Gravity goes DOWN! Not sideways! Shoulder external rotation exercises are a great way to target the #rotatorcuff. However, these exercises must be done against resistance in the appropriate plane. In this example, the force of the dumbbell is directed DOWN. So, which muscles am I actually using to resist this force? My biceps! Not my rotator cuff! Yes, we are in fact targeting the rotator cuff musculature working horizontally against gravity. But by no means is this the most efficient and targeted way to work on the #teresminor, #infraspinatus, and #supraspinatus (ie rotator cuff external rotators). Instead, use a #theraband or pulley cable to correctly apply resistance to the rotator cuff. Ensure that you elbow is only ROTATING, not moving outwards.
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