Scapula Push-Up + Pulldown

The shoulder is used during virtually all upper extremity motion and is important to be healthy in everyday life activities. The scapula/shoulder blade is considered the base of the shoulder complex and is crucial to be stabilized, in order for the rotator cuff’s and deltoids to properly move the gleno-humeral joint. When not anchored properly instability may occur. This exercise shown above demonstrates a great way to target the scapula stabilizers. To perform this exercise properly start in a quadruped position: 1. Do a push-up plus by pushing your shoulder blade out. This will target the Serratus Anterior. 2. If you can lift one arm while maintaining this position, reach out & grab on to the band then perform a pull down by bringing your elbow towards your torso. This will strengthen your Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids, and the Traps as well. If you want to increase the demand on your serratus and as well as your core, straighten your legs out so that your ankle, knees, hips, and shoulder are in alignment.
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