Posterior Shoulder Strengthening Drills

Here is a great exercise that will help strengthen scapula retractors primarily the lower and middle trapezius in addition to giving your rotator cuff muscles a nice burn! This exercise is very easy to perform: ✅Using a band (standing video) or a light weight (sidelying video)- Elevate your shoulder up to about 90 degrees ✅Bring your arm out (horizontall abduct) into a T position ->return your shoulder in front of you ✅Raise your arm fully overhead ✅Return back to about 90 degrees of shoulder elevation to perform the T once more ✅Bring your arm down to your side…. that is 1 Rep! �When performing this exercise, avoid excessively shrugging with your upper trapezius. �Notice my thumb rotating back when I perform my T? ✅This helps increase Trap activation --> externally rotating the scapula, when this activation/strength is inadequate you may see scapula winging ✅The Thumb pointing back will also help with activating the posterior cuff (infraspinatus and teres minor) which often times get weak.
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