3 Levels Of Shoulder Strengthening

QUESTION: “Why is it important to keep a stable scapula?” . Think of it like this. If you were required to walk on a bunch of bosu balls to get to the opposite side of the room, wouldn’t you think it would require more overall demand in comparison to walking on a firm or stable surface? Same idea applies with the shoulder. The Shoulder (Gleno-humeral) moves off of the Scapula. The scapula is a free floating bone, when this isn’t stabilized your shoulder must works extra hard. #StabilizeProximally . What is the first joint that you loaded as a baby? Your Shoulders! It has been a while and it's time to get back to loading those shoulders! A closed chain exercise is a great way to really feel the scapular stabilizers activate. . Here are 3 progressions of exercises that will address scapula and core stability. Make sure to keep your scapula protracted but pushing INTO the floor, which force your body to be pushed AWAY from the floor. I like to torque my shoulder into external rotation to avoid overuse of the pec muscle groups when doing any of these variations. . Tag us in your IG story if you can perform Level 3 with good form! This is a true challenge. . If needed on level 3, go onto your knees to decrease demand
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