Maria Sharapova, the former world #1 women’s tennis player has had quite the remarkable career. However, she has had to battle through a host of well documented shoulder injuries that hampered her career early on. Rumor has it that this exercise in particular helped REHAB and PREHAB her shoulder back to health; thus, why it is aptly named “Sharapovas" I absolute LOVE this exercise for prehabing my shoulders. It’s an absolute rotator cuff killer that hits the infraspinatus and teres minor both isometrically, concentrically, and eccentrically. HOW TO PERFORM: Keep your elbows and hands against the wall. Maintain tension in the theraband the ENTIRE TIME. As you move one arm up (right hand for example), ensure that your left hand is anchored and doesn't move, this will isometrically challenge your left rotator cuff. As you move your right hand up, make sure to move in a curved “C” pattern. This allows you to eccentrically, and then concentrically, challenge the right rotator cuff. I like to shoot for 3 “in and outs” per side on the way up, and then 3 more on the way down. Thats 1 rep. I shoot for 5 reps before taking a break and boy, will you feel the burn! A similar exercise (Castelein et al 2015) was found to decrease upper trapezius and pectoralis minor activation, while increasing middle trapezius, lower trapezius, and rhomboid activation. Check out @liftedconscious_apparel for sick tees like the one I'm wearing!
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