Serratus Anterior Uppercut With Dumbbell

The Serratus anterior aka the "Boxer's Muscle!" has a large role in stabilizing your scapula, (refer back to episode 220 and 304 for more info) when this muscle has poor function it often manifest in poor scapulo-humeral rhythm or winging. . When perform an uppercut, often times one will overcompensate with the Pectorial muscles! If your intent of this exercise is to target the Serratus Anterior here is a quick tip: Externally rotate your shoulder as you elevate your arm. Your Pectoralis Major is an Internal rotator at the shoulder; external rotation will be reciprocally INHIBITING these larger pectoralis musculature! . Make sure to keep the elbow medial to your wrist during this exercise, this will ensure external rotation at the shoulder, a secondary benefit of this variation is increase demand of the external rotators such as teres minor and infraspinatus. Tag a friend that needs a stronger punch!
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