Serratus Activation

Serratus Anterior Activation [Improve your scapular stability] . Many have asked about the video on the IG story yesterday- in short this exercise will help to improve upward rotation of the scapula during shoulder elevation. I particularly like to use this exercise when motor control of the serratus anterior is the primary impairment. This exercise allows you to find the serratus anterior that is often not firing appropriately! . To perform this exercise: ✅Anchor the resistance band around your back- here I use a CLX Thera-Band. ✅Then I place the band over my elbow and trace it down my forearm to my hand. ✅Begin by pushing your elbow up towards the ceiling- focus on protraction of the scapula. . Option 1: Elevate the shoulder to 120 degrees of shoulder flexion and 30 degrees of horizontal abduction to maximize activation of the serratus anterior. Option 2: Externally rotate the shoulder while protraction the scapula- this will help reduce activity of the pec musculature to better isolation of the serratus. Note: This can be done for sustained holds (30-60 seconds) or for 10-15 repetitions! . After performing this exercise reassess shoulder elevation to see if scapular upward rotation has improved! Tag someone that may benefit from this exercise!
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