Semi-Prone Knee Lift

Here is an exercise that addresses hip external rotators and the core when performed correctly. It has been shown that hip external rotation strength was a useful predictor of injury status. (1)Anyone with adequate hip mobility can benefit from this exercise to reduce risk of any lower extremity injuries! . To perform this exercise appropriately: ✅Flex your elevated hip (Left hip shown in this video) to about 90 degrees. ✅Make sure to rotate towards the table so that your elevated hip (Left shown here) is ANTERIOR to the hip that is in contact with the table. The closer you are to your end range, the more challenging this exercise will be. ✅Elevate your leg by initiating from the core and then the hip. AVOID lifting from your foot, this will actually put your hip into relative Internal Rotation. ✅To perform this, you can either hold this position for time (typically dosed at 30-60 second holds) or for repetitions (10-15 repetitions). . Note: A pre-requisite to perform this exercise is to have appropriate hip flexion and external rotation range of motion. Shout out to my previous CI Dr. Jeff Wang for showing me this exercise! 1) Leetun et al 2004. “Core stability measures as risk factors for lower extremity injures"
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