Self Hip Mobilization With Band

Here is the last self hip mobilization of the series! -Find an elevated surface where you can perform a lunge to mobilize the hip. -Anchor the mobility band by stepping on it at one end and allow the other end to wrap around your hip joint. Make sure to keep your foot on the band, you don’t want it to slip out from under you! -Lunge into pure hip flexion. If you need, you can use your arms to assist by pulling your hip closer to your chest! -In this position you have the option to either internally or externally rotate your hip. On the right, I demonstrate a variation with hip external rotation. . Following the self-joint mobilizations, it is critical that you perform several repetitions of isometric end range exercises and isotonic exercises through the end ranges of hip mobility to re-educate the musculature and maintain the newly gained ROM. Finally, perform several dynamic drills to achieve neuromuscular control in the new hip ranges. . Note: The aforementioned self-hip mobilizations are meant to be integrated into a multimodal therapeutic home exercise program for a client by a clinician. Little evidence exists to describe the efficacy of these self-hip mobilizations or to demonstrate one technique's value over another's.
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