Seated Single Arm Overhead Press – Bottoms Up Kettlebell

  • HOW: Get set-up seated holding a kettlebell upside-down. Try to keep your knuckles facing up the entire time as well as a neutral wrist with your elbow directly below your hand. It is ok for small wrist motion to occur, the goal is to resist that motion. While maintaining wrist position, press the kettlebell overhead and slowly return to starting position. See the video for additional tips and instructions as well as a visual of the exercise.
  • FEEL: You should feel the muscles on top of your forearm working as well as other muscles in your forearm and hand to help with gripping the kettlebell. Your shoulder and arm muscles will be working as well. You may feel tension on the outside of your elbow as well.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not lose wrist position. Try to limit excessive motion of the kettlebell. Do not arch your back or excessively lean in any direction with your upper body. Do not shrug your shoulder.

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