Seated Hip Rotation Drill

This is a GREAT bang for your buck mobility drill to help improve flexion and external rotation of one hip while improving abduction and internal rotation of the other. If you are like me, you find yourself crossing your leg with one side over the other. While total arc of motion (Internal Rotation to External Rotation) may be similar, you will find it more difficult to perform this exercise on one side in comparison to the contralateral limb. . I particularly like this exercise because it focuses on flexion and external rotation AND abduction and internal rotation, two motions that are typically overlooked. A Systematic review by Dallinga et al in 2012 showed that limited hip abduction ROM has been suggested as a predictor of future lower extremity injuries. . ����� �������� Begin in seated position with an erect spine, with one leg bent in front of you while the other leg is out to your side. Both knees should be bent to around 90 degrees. If too difficult to get in this position, sit on an elevated surface like a yoga block which will decrease mobility demand at your hips. ��� �������� For this exercise rotate to each direction, first thread the needle towards the leg that is in front of you. Reach as far as you can towards the back wall. Don’t let your butt lift off of the floor! Then rotate towards the leg on your outside. ℙ���������� 2-3 sets of 5 reps to each side.
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