Seated Cat Cow

  • HOW: Begin the exercise by getting yourself set up in a seated position, sitting upright and tall, looking straight ahead with your hands on your thighs. Begin movement by rounding your upper back and neck and letting your hands slide down your thighs towards your knees, let your chin drop down towards your chest for support. Then reverse the motion lifting your chest and head up towards the ceiling arching your upper back, at the same time slide your hands back and shrug your shoulders to create a shelf for your head/neck to be supported on. Repeat the movement.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a gentle stretch in your mid back and neck region, it should feel relaxing with the goal of promoting pain-free movement. Bend forward/backward to your comfort/tolerance, as you do it more you may be able to move further.
  • COMPENSATION: Be sure to support your head/neck as you flow through the movement, use your chest and shoulders to help support.

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