Scapula Ball Push On Wall

If you don't know the importance scapular stability by now, then look back at our previous shoulder posts! A weak Serratus Anterior can lead to poor scapulo-humeral rhythm (episode 220 for more info) and shoulder impingement. Here is a great way to stabilize/strengthen the entire shoulder girdle including but not limited to the rotator cuff muscles and the serratus anterior. . To perform this exercise properly: -Set yourself up with feet hip width apart and one arm supported on the Swiss Ball in front of you. -Push away your shoulder blade (protract your scapula) and walk back until you feel a good challenge for your shoulder musculature, (the farther you walk back, the higher the demand). CAUTION: make sure to AVOID your scapular internally rotating or giving the appearance it is sticking out; this may occur if this exercise exceeds your capacity, march your feet closer if this occurs. -Going up on your toes will increase the load you must push in the Swiss ball with you supporting arm. -You can maintain this position here for time, or to add a dynamic component, begin performing circles with the swiss ball clockwise and counterclockwise. -I typically like to perform this for 10 repetitions each direction per arm for 3 sets -If you want an additional challenge bend your elbow just a little bit. . Note: To make this exercise even MORE functional, what you can do is rotate your body 30 degrees away from your stabilizing arm (for this video I would rotate to the left); this will put your shoulder in the SCAPTION plane allowing for more optimal muscle length of the shoulder stabilizers thus increasing their activity.
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