Scapular Step Ups

Here is a closed chain exercise to help target the scapular stabilizers, especially the serratus anterior. Why closed chain? If you remember our “Fix The Movement” post, you will recall that full upward rotation of the scapula requires a serratus anterior manual muscle test (MMT) of just 3/5. Bearing this in mind, it can be concluded that poor scapular movement is often caused by poor motor control - and not necessarily weakness - of the serratus anterior. A closed chain exercise is a great way to really feel this muscle activate by pushing AWAY from the floor. . To progress this exercise, add a slight bend in your elbows. With the elbows locked into extension, you don't have to rely on your muscles to actively stabilize the upper quadrant. If you don't already do this, TRY IT. You'll be forced to engage your shoulder girdle muscles much more! ⠀ . Lateral steps are also shown here. If you want to progress the lateral steps, hover your hand above the step to increase demand on the arm in contact with the floor. . Note: Keep a straight line from your Heels -- Hips -- Shoulder, make sure you stay rigid around the core to avoid any back sag.
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