Say Goodbye to Shin Splints

Timestamps ⏱ 0:00 Start 0:55 Wall Calf Stretch Knee Straight  1:26 Wall Calf Stretch Knee Bent  2:58 Woodpecker Single Leg 3:43 Captain Morgan-Swissball 4:30 Craigs Favorite Exercise    Do you have annoying pain in the front of your shins? Have you been running a lot lately? Maybe your sport requires a lot of jumping? Do you suffer from shin splints? Well, say goodbye to that nagging pain! We're here to show you a few exercises to improve that shin pain!    Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome is often a result of doing too much too soon, at a frequency your body just is not ready to handle! But don't worry, with a bit of work on stretching your calf muscles, improving your single leg control and improving strength in the muscles that assist with running gait, you will be crossing that finish line in no time!    Are you training for a half marathon like Craig? Do you want to learn how to run and prevent injury?  Check out our running program:   Website: Facebook: Instagram: The Prehab Guys Twitter: TikTok: The Prehab Guys
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