Save Your Back By Racking Your Weight Properly

I know each and everyone of us has been guilty of this at some point! We perfect our form through practice, rep out set after set with perfect form, and then when dropping/picking up the weight, we throw out all that practice and good form out the window!!! Remember that it is just as important to maintain good form when picking up weights off the ground as it is during your actual exercise movement. In the beginning, I demonstrate good form (neutral spine + bracing ) picking up the dumbbells from the ground. At the end, I demonstrate absolutely horrible form (flexed spine + no bracing) when picking up the dumbbells to return to the rack.I know its comical but we’re all guilty! Just don’t do it! Thats a wrap for this series, folks! Please leave us a comment if you liked it, as well as any suggestions for future series! Get your prehab on!
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