Russian Baby Maker

  • HOW: Get set up in a standing position in your ideal squat stance and form. To begin the exercise, bend forward and grab your toes/front of your shoes with your hands. Then pull yourself down towards the ground with your arms until you're at the bottom of your squat. While still holding onto your feet, lift your chest up, hold this position for a moment (take a breath) then reverse the motion and return to starting position. Repeat.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a lower body and core workout to hold the squat position. You may feel a stretch in your hamstrings as you pull yourself down to the ground, if you cannot tolerate it let your knees bend as you reach for your toes.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not hold your breath, you should be able to breathe at the bottom of the squat while holding your feet and keeping your chest up. Follow along with the video for other tips and tricks.

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