Running Warm-Up

Check out this video focused on a handful of simple movements every runner can make time for before a run. Prepping the body doesn’t take much prior to a run. However, where runners RUN into issues sometimes is when they try a run after sitting at a desk for 6 hours straight over and over again. This is especially true if we are talking an issue with a tendon, whether it be the hip flexor tendon, patellar tendon, or Achilles, these tendons like to be WARMED UP🔥 prior to activity. These issues also need other attention, but we will focus on the warm-up for now. Follow along as I show you ⤵️ ✅ Why a warm-up is important ✅ Priming muscles specific to running ✅ Dynamic warm-up and activation drills for the lower body prior to running
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