Running Recovery

Check out this video focused on education and a handful of simple movements and stretches every runner should make time for after a run, or on recovery days. It has been suggested that 90% of running injuries are due to training errors ➡️ this includes doing too much too soon in terms of mileage, not being physically fit for running, and not letting the body recovery. With busy lifestyles today, I think some people run and then immediately jump into a chair for work or become stationary for long periods of time after a run. The least you can do is quickly stretch out after running or take a movement break using THESE MOVEMENTS after you’ve been stationary in the same position for a few hours. This will help with perceived stiffness and flexibility issues for sure‼️ Follow along as I show you ⤵️ ✅ Why a recovery routine including movement is important ✅ Stretching muscles specific to running ✅ A cool down and mobility routine to do after running or on off days
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