Rules to Follow to Return to Running After A Knee Injury (Or Any Injury)

Thinking about getting into running again after a knee injury? Check out this Return to Running Progression from the University of Delaware as well as the Soreness Rules. When it comes getting back to running, it's all about gradually applying the load and stresses to your body again - a term called graded exposure. By applying load/stress in a graded way, you not only give time for your body (and brain) to adapt to the demands, but you also allow yourself to objectively determine HOW MUCH running you can actually handle. . If you're injured, follow these guidelines to get back to running! . Progress to the next level when you are able to perform the activity level for 2miles without increased effusion or pain. Perform no more than 4 times in 1 week and no more frequently than every other day. Do not progress more than 2 levels in a 7-day period.
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