Row – External Rotation, Cables

  • HOW: Get a band or cable system anchored between waist and shoulder height directly in front of you. Criss-cross the bands and start by holding the handles in front of you with your arms straight. Perform a row by driving your elbows back towards your back pockets and squeeze your shoulder blades together. While maintaining your elbows by your side and your elbows bent, rotate your hands out laterally away from one another, slowly return and repeat.
  • FEEL: You should feel the muscles between your shoulder blades and on the outside of your shoulder blades working. You should also feel the muscles on the outside and behind your shoulders getting a workout.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not arch your back or lean back, do not rotate your body, do not bend your wrist in either direction, do no flare your elbows out away from your body.

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