Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy Heavy Loading

Got nagging shoulder pain? �‍♂️This is one of my go to exercises for any of my patients with dull chronic (symptoms >3 months) rotator cuff related pain. . Tissues need to be LOADED. And guess what, tendons in particular respond extremely well to load as ITS WHAT THEY ARE DESIGNED TO DO. Chronic tendinopathies basically describe a tendon that is too weak to handle the stresses placed on it. So what’s the answer to get out of pain? LOAD IT. . And I’m sorry, a little theraband resistance is NOT NEARLY ENOUGH to cause any real changes to the tendons physiological or build strength any tissue resilience. . To perform: 1️⃣Find the absolute heaviest weight you can control for a 5 second eccentric phase. You’ll notice this weight is going to be MORE than what you’re able to do concentrically. 2️⃣Use both hands to rotate your shoulder out 3️⃣Slowly control your hand coming back in with ONLY your injured side. This should be able a 5s rep. 4️⃣Repeat 15times 5️⃣3 sets a day . Try it out!
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