Shoulder banded pull apart + Shoulder elevation

Shoulder banded pull apart + Shoulder elevation . To perform this exercise: . 1️⃣ Keep your elbows at your side with a band around your distal forearm 2️⃣ Spread the band, focusing on movement at the shoulder (This rotation outward is known as external rotation) 3️⃣ Slowly begin to elevate your arms as high as you can! . � Keep the band spread for the entirety of the movement, don't ever let there be slack in the band. . Note: If possible, elevate your arms in the Scaption plane (which is achieved by bringing your arms horizontally abducted about 60 degrees) - The resistance was too strong for me to perform the exercise as such. The Scaption plane will maximize rotator cuff activation. . This exercise is great for addressing the shoulder stabilizers. This can be used as a warm-up before your upper body exercises or can be integrated into your [P]Rehab program. Realize this - anyone that trains has a [P]Rehab program. Prehab is your vaccine against injuries later on in life.
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