Reverse Snow Angel

Reverse Snow Angel [Shoulder Control �] . Here is a GREAT exercise for improving strength and control of your scapular stabilizing muscles at it’s end end ranges of motion. We recommend this typically before any upper body workout ESPECIALLY for you overhead athlete’s. . To perform this exercise: 1️⃣Lay prone and make sure to keep your head on a smooth surface such as a towel (or on the turf lol). 2️⃣Bring your arms completely overhead, If this is a challenge just stay here. If easy to maintain then control the movement slowly down towards your hip focusing on keeping both hands as far away from the floor as possible. . You should be able to perform this exercise for 15 repetitions WITHOUT failure before progressing this exercise with an external load. In the second half of this video, this exercise is shown with use of an external load. . � The most common compensation seen is hyperextension of the lumbar spine when the arms are overhead, resulting in the head leaving the floor. Keep the core and glute’s engaged to avoid this from occuring. . � Avoid shrugging while elevating your arms overhead to allow all your upward rotators to work in synergy!
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