Reverse Scapula Walks

Here is an exercise to strengthen the Shoulder girdle musculature! Be careful though, it may be more difficult than it seems! To perform this exercise: -Begin in a staggered position with one elbow near it's ipsilateral knee. Here I start with my left elbow next to my left knee. -I then lunging backward initiating with my left leg and right arm. When pushing away with your arm FOCUS on pushing your shoulder blade/ scapula AWAY from you by drilling into the floor. This will focus on recruitment of the upward rotators of the shoulder blade, which primarily include the serratus anterior and trapezius muscles. -As with other closed chain exercises, this exercise will target the rotator cuff muscles to help stabilize the Glenohumeral joint. . Note: The emphasis with this post is to focus on the scapular musculature; however, there will also be a large demand on the core musculature as well.
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