Return to Sport Exercises for an Ankle Injury or Ankle Sprain

Timestamps 00:00 Start 02:00 The importance of multi-direction with Slider Lunge - Anterior, Lateral, Posterior 03:00 Snap Down and how to retrain force absorption 03:47 Depth Drop to Broad Jump and how to regain force production 04:20 Depth Drop to Lateral Jump 04:44 Lateral Shuffle Cone Tap and the need to add in speed 05:31 The real world is unpredictable, do Pogos with Perturbation 06:43 End Ankle sprains happen but how do you know when you are ready to return to sport? Try a few of these higher level exercises to be sure that you are ready to get back on the field. We really love the last one and encourage you to give it a try.
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