Basketball Agility Drills

In most sports athletic skills that are praised include reaction speed, hand eye coordination, and agility. Late stage rehab for athletes should not only be physical strengthening and conditioning, but also brain conditioning. Brain training with sport specific reaction, hand-eye coordination, and agility drills is a great way to help athletes get back into the game. These athletic skills that need be practiced before returning to sport! It is important to note we want to promote these skills with optimal movement mechanics. In order to promote good movement habits during the game, athletes need to practice these skills off the field/court so that they become second nature when it comes to game time. Having the benefit of practicing these skills in a similar environment, basketball court as shown, is even better for the athlete. Check out Craig working with one his patients focused on getting back to basketball. The most important takeaway from this - have fun with your athletes with return to sport training!!
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