Relaxation Techniques For Neck Tightness

Having neck tightness at work? Try this routine out. Standing breaks and MOVEMENT breaks are a great prehab routine to perform daily. You can do these before, during, and after work to make the most of them. The more movement the better, but the more often you perform movement = less chance of stiffening up in those problematic areas. Here is our realistic daily movement challenge to YOU! 1) Take a standing rest break every 60-90 minutes 2) Get your pelvis, back, and head supported against a wall and gently rotate your head side to side 3) Mix it up and lay down on the ground with your knees bent and perform the same movement 4) Get comfortable and RELAX for 2 minutes with your arms straight and your palms facing the ceiling 5) Focus on breathing through your nose and out your mouth taking deep breaths, breathe out the tension in your body When it comes to managing 'chronic problems' you have to tackle it with DAILY routines.
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