Reactive Neuromuscular Training with the Step Down

While weakness of the hip abductors is often times the culprit for medial knee collapse, a lack of motor control can also be the source. This is especially prevalent among higher end athletes who demonstrate medial knee collapse with functional activities. In this case, the athlete more times than not has more than adequate strength, yet they fail to utilize and demonstrate the neuromuscular control necessary to engage the hip abductors during tasks. Too see if this is the case, give the athlete visual, verbal, or manual cues to facilitate hip abductor. Here, we demonstrate a resistance cue with a theraband. The theraband provides tension to drive the knee inward, into hip addiction. This slight resistance is enough to facilitate the hip abductors to fire during the single leg squat. *NOTE: This can also be used as a strengthening exercise once the athlete demonstrates good neuromuscular control.
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