Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT) Posterior Lunge

Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT) is a technique used to improve movement quality and exercise form. RNT utilizes external resistance (I.E., resistance band) to facilitate an automatic, subconscious response at the neuromuscular level. This can translate into improved movement patterns with less compensation. I love using RNT with individuals that are appropriate for it because it avoids over-cueing, complicating things, and you can get quick results with it.   RNT is commonly used at the knee to limit dynamic knee valgus (see the cover image). However, I love to use RNT for trunk stabilization. I see a lot of teenagers, and during/after growth spurts (think about it their body dimension is changing) ➡️ their trunk stability goes right out the window. When I see a sloppy lunge or squat, I will set up a monster band to resist trunk rotation and instantly the movement improves.   I demonstrate in the video how to set this up. If you’re able to break down someone’s movement and their compensation, you can get specific with the direction of resistance (I.E., with a lunge you see too much left trunk rotation ➡️ set up the band to pull them into more left rotation to help cue them to resist it).
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