RDL with Lat Tension

The RDL is an amazing way to hit the ENTIRE posterior chain. We're talking more than just the hamstrings and glutes here, but also more proximal (lats, erector spinae, etc) and more distal (calves). If you're getting stuck in your deadlifts, or feeling deadlifts only in your low back, there is a chance you might NOT be properly engaging your lats. Building proper lat tension will help disperse the forces across the entire back during your RDL. The lats perform many different motions at the shoulder joint. For our discussion with the RDL, we are most concerned with the lats ability to extend the glenohumeral joint. Thus, a cue many will use to engage the lats is to get that "Chest up and shoulders down". However, many times these verbal cues aren’t enough, and instead, we need to provide MANUAL cues or reactive neuromuscular training (RNT). By using a resistance band as shown in the video, we can provide an external force that will cause REFLEXIVE ACTIVATION OF THE LATS. The band here will try and bring my shoulders forward, and in order to prevent this, I must recruit my lats and provide an isometric shoulder extension force to maintain a linear bar path.
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