Quadruped Ts and Ys

Episode 342: "Quadruped Ts and Ys" A physical therapist's favorite - the T and the Y exercise. Why, you might ask? Because nearly everyone has weak mid traps and low traps!! . In the quadruped position, cue the scapula and elbow position (core and leg position not discussed) so the client can work on scapular stabilization. THEN have them perform the T and Y!! . REMEMBER: for both Ts and Ys, keep your THUMBS UP to induce shoulder external rotation!! We want full shoulder external rotation for 2 reasons: 1) we want to put the deltoid at a biomechanically disadvantageous position to preferentially bias the traps, and 2) we want to open up the subacromial space to minimize any possible secondary impingement when performing the exercise.
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