Quadruped Rock Back

  • WHY: This exercise will teach you how to maintain a neutral or straight low back as your move your hips and shoulder. This is key as you get in and out of a chair, perform squats, and walk up and down stairs. Learning how to keep a neutral spine will help protect your back.
  • HOW: Begin this exercise on your hands and knees in a table top position. First find a neutral low back and pelvis, you can arch your back and tuck your tailbone to find a neutral position. While maintaining this neutral position rock back towards your lower body. Rock back as far as you can until you feel like your low back is rounding or your tailbone is tucking. At first it may be beneficial to use a mirror as a visual cue to assure you are performing this correctly.
  • FEEL: This is a control exercise, and you won’t feel much. Your core muscles will be activated to maintain this neutral position.

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