Quadruped Rock Back – Big Toe Extension Bias

  • HOW:  Get into the quadruped position on all fours with your toes up. You want to position your toes so that they are pointing towards your head. Slowly shift your hips back and put more weight onto your feet. You can even shift sideways to put more weight on one foot than the other. The goal is to increase the amount of stretch and pressure on your big toe moving backward into extension. This stretch may not be comfortable. It is up to you to determine how much weight to put on your foot – only put as much as you can handle. Go gentle!
  • FEEL:  You should feel a deep stretch in your big toe itself, and potentially under the big toe/arch as well.
  • COMPENSATION:  None. Only put as much pressure as you can handle. This joint is a sensitive one, go slow!

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