Quadruped Overhead Shoulder Stability With Swissball

Got a high level athlete in stage 3 rehab? Need to focus on dynamic scapular and shoulder stability for the OVERHEAD ATHLETE? Want to lift heavy things over your head? Well you better have the PROXIMAL STABILITY at your scapulothoracic and shoulder joint to handle the high loads demanded by all 3 of the above examples. Look no further than our favorite exercise for developing overhead stability. Why is it my favorite? 1) The shoulder is in the overhead position. Unlike most standing scapular stability exercises where the shoulder is at 90 degrees, the quadruped position places the shoulder at full arm elevation - which is the shoulder position we WANT our stability. 2) Although demonstrated in the video with Craig's help, the exercise can still be performed on one's own. While maintaining constant high pressure into the ball, move your shoulder in circles clockwise and counter-clockwise. 3) If done correctly and you use a stable ball (like a volleyball) , you can basically ELIMINATE ANY SCAPULAR ELEVATION COMPENSATIONS. Because the wall is a fixed structure, once you find the appropriate distance to set up with the arm in the full overhead position, you physically CANNOT displace the ball any further. This eliminates any scapular elevation and instead insures full scapular upward rotation and protraction. Make sure to give RANDOM perturbations so you are FORCED TO REACT.
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