Quadruped Neck Rotation – On Forearms, Chin Tuck

  • HOW: Begin the exercise by positioning yourself on your forearms and knees in a modified quadruped position, shoulders stacked over elbows and hips over knees. Perform a chin tuck and push-up plus maintain that head/neck/shoulder blade position the entire time. While keeping the chin tuck, rotate your head side-to-side as far as you can, think about drawing a smiley face with your chin.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a coordination exercise as you're focused on maintaining head and neck position while simultaneously rotating your head. You will also feel a stretch in your neck and at the base of your skull. You may feel the stretch on either side at the base of your skull depending on your situation. You may also feel your neck muscles working to maintain head position.
  • COMPENSATION: Do not move the rest of your body, do not lose the chin tuck

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