Quadruped Firehydrants With Band

The firehydrant is one of my all time favorites for gluteal activation. The glute max is a TRI-PLANAR muscle, meaning it performs 1️⃣EXTENSION, 2️⃣ABDUCTION, and 3️⃣EXTERNAL ROTATION. So to maximally hit the glutueus maximus, we need to ensure we are performing working in all 3 planes. The firehydrant is perfect for this, as it involves hip extension, hip abduction, and hip external rotation all in one single motion. . ❌One KEY MISTAKE people make when performing the firehydrant is FORGETTING TO EXTERNALLY ROTATE THE HIP. Many times people perform the extension and abduction component well, but simply forget the external rotation. . ✅To ensure you are incorporating external rotation, your foot must be POINTED OUT TO THE SIDE. If it is pointed straight back, that makes the hip is in neutral or even internal rotation, and we're completely missing the transverse plane component of the exercise! . Own the quadruped position first before progressing into the standing variation. In quadruped, make sure the scapula are stable - cue serratus activation and drive your � into the table. The ONLY THING MOVING SHOULD BE THE HIP JOINT - ideally NO movement from the back. Once you've mastered this, try the standing version. For this one, make sure the stance leg stays completely still as you perform the firehydrant. . Happy glute burning!! Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode on a firehydrant progression I love to use for basketball � players!
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