Push Press – Dumbbell

  • HOW: Start with weights or objects in each hand positioned by your shoulders. Begin the exercise by slightly bending your hips and knees to dip your body, then explosively stand tall while simultaneously performing a shoulder press. Lower the weights down to starting position and repeat.
  • FEEL: This should feel like a full body workout. You will feel your legs working with the dip. Meanwhile, your shoulders and arms will be working with the shoulder press. Think about getting your body 'under' the dumbbells with the push press (see video for tips and details with this).
  • COMPENSATION: All of the same rules apply with a general shoulder press. Focus on good mechanics and alignment, packing your shoulders and staying strong with the objects overhead, keeping your chest up without excessively arching your back, and quality over speed. Let your knees bend by pushing them out so they don't cave in.

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