Half Kneeling Hamstring Eccentrics With Slider

Here is an advanced proximal hamstring eccentric exercise designed for the runner. Proximal hamstring tendinopathy is one of the most nagging injuries to rehab back from, ask anyone who has dealt with it! For a runner, one of the more challenging positions to get back to and feel comfortable with is the full stride position. Optimal hip flexor flexibility with contralateral hamstring flexibility is key to helping an individual return to running. This exercise addresses both! Starting in a half kneeling position is nice as it decreases the degrees of freedom, allowing the individual to focus on hip flexor and hamstring flexibility. Starting in a posterior pelvic tilt and resisting anterior pelvic tilt also promotes moving through the entire muscle length, and working against relative muscle stiffness. Progressions should include moving towards a standing position, and increasing speed of the movement!
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