Progressive Hamstrings Strengthening Sample Program With Sliders

Want to learn how to start and progress a hamstring strengthening program only using sliders!? READ MORE! Hamstring strengthening programs are essential for improving athletic performance and protecting against injuries including hamstring strains, low back injuries, and even ACL injuries. Did the know the hamstrings act synergistically with the ACL to prevent excessive anterior tibial translation on the femur!? Demonstrated in the video are levels 1-7 for progressively strengthening the hamstrings only using furniture sliders. 1) Concentric hamstring curl-ins 2) Concentric hamstring curl-ins + bridge 3) Concentric hamstring curl-ins + bridge + eccentric curl-out 4) Single leg hamstring curl-in + bridge + straight leg raise 5) Single leg hamstring curl-in + bridge + straight leg raise + curl-out 6) Standing hamstring dominant eccentric Reverse slider lunge 7) Reverse slider lunge + eccentric hamstring curl-out Don’t have sliders? No worries, just grab a towel/pillow sheet/or any piece of clothing and perform these same movements on wood/tile floor! The versatility of this progressive hamstring strengthening program is what makes it so feasible for anyone to perform anywhere!
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