[P]Rehab Exercises for Joint Replacements

TIMESTAMPS ⏱ 0:00 Intro 1:10 Bridges  2:27 Eccentric Long Arc Quad in Sitting  3:44 Sit to Stand  4:57 Seated Press Up   Do you or a loved one have a total knee replacement or total hip replacement scheduled? Looking to get ahead of the game prior to surgery? Join us as we take you through a few exercises that will help to get you fully prepared! With focus on both lower extremity strength AND upper extremity strength you will thank us later! Also, it's important to note that feeling prepared prior to your surgery can help with your mental health following surgery. Please consult with your orthopedic surgeon prior to surgery and after surgery to see if these exercises are right for you and know that your [P]rehab family is rooting for you!
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