Postural Pain

Do you sit for a long time and notice some neck, back, or shoulder discomfort? We have all been there at some point of our lives. I can guarantee your back doesn't feel great after sitting for 8 hours. Do not worry, this is completely normal. It is a good thing that your body is sending signal to your brain telling you it’s not comfortable, listen to your body and move! Posture is a hot topic and is a bit misunderstood. There is no science backing up the perfect posture. Static posture by itself does not tell you much. This video will break down how  you can improve your postural pain. Do you want to know the key to avoiding postural pain? Keep your body moving! Don’t let your body adapt to one specific position. It is better to stay moving from a poor position to another poor position than to find the “perfect” posture and stay in that position for 8 hours straight. We believe there is no posture that is off-limits. However, if there is a certain position that contributes to someone’s symptoms (maybe a bad posture for you temporarily) then we would recommend avoiding that position at least for a little! Many professionals have exaggerated the problems associated with posture. Telling someone there is a perfect way to sit induces fear if someone is in any other position. As humans, we are NOT meant to stay still all day. WE ARE MEANT TO MOVE. We want to stress the point that it’s not actually the sitting that is bad, but the lack of movement that is detrimental.
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