Pogos – Sagittal

  • HOW:โ€ฏGet set up in a standing position. Begin this exercise by bouncing on the balls of your feet moving forward <> backward. Think of yourself as a rubber band or a spring loaded coil. Be bouncy!
  • FEEL:โ€ฏYou should focus on maintaining a rigid/stiff foot/ankle as well as your legs, think of this exercise like youโ€™re bouncing on a pogo stick. You want to keep your legs stiff so that you โ€˜bounceโ€™ like youโ€™re bouncing on a stiff spring.
  • COMPENSATION:โ€ฏDo not let your knees excessively bend or your heels touch the ground, stay strong with your quad's and bounce on the balls of your feet.

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