PNF Exercise Techniques

TimeStamps 00:00 Start 02:10 Contract - Relax Technique 04:24 Contract - Relax Antagonist & why we love this technique! 05:57 Rhythmic Stabilization, this technique can be great one for athletes! 07:14 Slow Reversals & how to do PNF yourself! 14:15 End PNF or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is an active stretching technique that can be used by many to improve tissue mobility. Oftentimes, with the use of PNF, we do it, but we aren't sure why we are doing it or when we should be doing it! Join Craig as he dives into this and more, discussing how to do PNF, showing you a few of his favorite techniques, and more importantly talking you through when you should be doing PNF and why!
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