Plyometric Progressions For Rehab! | Episode 30

Plyometrics exercises should be an integral part of any lower extremity rehab or injury prevention program to increase power development and to teach proper absorption movement mechanics.   In the rehab realm, you could argue that it's even more important to learn to absorb forces than to increase power development - although you will work on both through proper plyometric progressions. Absorption forces need to be progressed appropriately, as overloading a sensitive tendon or weight-bearing structure like the meniscus can lead to a slower rehabilitation process. Even more of a problem is skipping out on plyometric progressions all together - as this leaves the athlete unexposed to the high amount of forces and loads that they undoubtedly will face in day to day life like going down a flight of stairs, taking a misstep and needing to put your foot down to prevent a fall, or going on hikes with friends and family.   This videos will cover some of the tenants of plyometric progressions and special considerations for rehab!   Part 1: Plyometric Progressions: Work On the Breaks (landing) Before The Gas (Take Off) Part 2: Plyometric Progressions From Jumps, To Bounds, To Hops Part 3: Plyometric Progression By Plane Of Motion Part 4: Plyometric Progressions By Height Part 5: Plyometric Progressions: Continuous Jumps/Bounds/Hops   Read the full article here: Video edited by:
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