Plank Oblique Crunch – Swissball

  • HOW:Place the front of your lower legs on top of the swissball. Place your hands down on the ground with your elbows extended.  Push down into the swissball with your lower legs/ankles bringing your hips up into the plank position.  Make sure you are in a stable plank position with your legs together. Once stable, pull the swissball up towards your chest in a half circle motion.  Bring your right knee towards your left elbow and your left knee towards your right elbow.  
  • FEEL: You should feel this in your core muscles.  You should also feel this in your shoulder and hip flexor muscles. 
  • COMPENSATION: Make sure your hands are evenly spaced below your shoulders to stay stable. Keep your back flat as you bring the ball up.  Don’t arch your back.

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