Pitcher’s Landmine Deceleration Drill

Here's one of my favorite drills for late stage rehab for overhead athletes. The landmine is great as it provides a fixed axis and the ability to add weight if needed. In the follow through, the posterior shoulder is EXTREMELY active when eccentrically controlling the arm. While working on eccentric strength of the posterior cuff in the 90/90 position (prone ball catches) is good, it's also good to get off the table into a more functional position that mimics the follow through of a throw. . It's not just the posterior cuff you're hitting with this, but also all the peri-scapular muscles that must stabilize the scapula against the thorax while decelerating the barbell. Furthermore, you get good loading through the lead leg in the staggered lunge position as well. . GO SLOWLY. Really work on controlling the weight of the barbell and DECELERATING it. Don't just let it come crashing down. . This is a lot tougher than it looks and I will say I can't do much more than just the bar for reps with good form. IF YOU ARE AN OVERHEAD ATHLETE YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO CONTROL MUCH MORE WEIGHT THAN JUST THE BAR WITH GOOD FORM.
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