Pinched Nerve In Your Neck? Treat Your Cervical Radiculopathy!

Time Stamps 00:00 Start  01:45 Cat Cow - Thoracic Spine Bias 02:30 Prone Ws - Head Lift  03:36 Supine Chin Tuck  04:18 Supine Chin Tuck - Lift 04:32 Supine Chine Tuck - Rotation  05:17 Nerve Glide  07:15 End Cervical radiculopathy can feel extremely frustrating and many individuals feel confused as to what they can do to help with their discomfort! If that is you, you've come to the right place! Join Arash as he takes you through a few exercises to address joint mobility in the cervical spine, strength, and even nerve mobility! 
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