Pelvic Tilts With Swissball

Low back pain? Having trouble moving from your pelvis or teaching someone how to do it? You can't twerk? Here is one of the easiest ways to learn pelvis awareness and teach slow+controlled pelvis movement. Performing, let alone teaching people to initiate movement from their pelvis can be challenging! Even though it is harder to do, learning to perform this movement slow and controlled is a MUST. The easiest way to identify movement and body awareness dysfunctions is to slow things down. Body awareness is one of the most important components of moving well. Knowing how to move and control every part of your body is important because everything is connected! At the center of the body is the pelvis, and poor pelvis control and awareness could be contributing to your low pack pain. Move often, and be sure to move better from your pelvis. You cannot go wrong with this drill to help teach you and others how to move better from the pelvis.
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