Dowel Chest Stretch

The Pectoralis Major is a large muscle that fans the entire chest region. It can be divided into 2 portions: The sternal (assisting in shoulder extension) and clavicular fibers (assisting in shoulder flexion) Here is a great exercise you can use as an activation drill to warm up the pec region or simply as a dynamic stretch➡️improve flexibility here. . To Stretch: 1️⃣Externally rotate the shoulder of the arm to be stretched. 2️⃣With assistance of the contralateral arm-push a stick/cane/pipe into Horizontal abduction of the shoulder until you feel a stretch in the pec region. You will be actually activating the pec that is pushing the stick/cane/pipe. 3️⃣While bringing your arm back- simultaneously pinch your shoulder blade back a slight bit to further a stretch in the pec’s. . �Work around different amounts of shoulder elevation to find your restriction. The larger the degree of shoulder elevation = larger stretch of the sternal fibers. The lower you horizontally abduction your shoulder= larger stretch on the clavicular fibers. . � If you want to use this exercise as an ACTIVATION drill prior to an exercise- mimic the previous steps and instead of pinching your shoulder blade back, give a slight resistance into the stick/pipe with your pectoralis. . Tag someone that needs to work on their chest flexibility!
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